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A pasta boiling pot made of borosilicate glass, resistant to flame. Non-reactive, so you can use it for boiling any type of food, in the healthier way. Everything inside remain visible; the shape of the pot is simple and the ingredients become from time to time the protagonists, with their shapes, colors and with the movements of boiling.

IMPORTANT: during the use accindental bumps may accur, so we highly recommend to test the pot before every use, starting with a small quantitiy of water, and then proceed to add as necessary after boils. Always check before use that there ae no cracks. In the case of crack whil used, immediately turn off the heat source and don't move the pot until the water is cold. Do not use metal utensils, but only in plastic or wood. Avoid temperature shock, always control very carefully the temperature range, the temperature should rise and drop gradually. Put always the salt when the water is cold.

GAS HOB: use always flame spreader

INDUCTION/GLASS CERAMIC: use the knindustrie adaptor


  • PROJECT: Massimo Castagna


    BRAND: KnIndustrie


    MATERIAL: borosilicate glass, stainless steel


    COOKING: glass ceramic, gas with heat diffuser; induction using the knIndustrie universal adaptor.





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    Champagne cooler

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    cm 24

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