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“I wanted to industrialize the shabby chic style model, coined in Great Britain in the 80s, opening the room of dreams and memories, designing dishes that belong to our grandparents or be found in flea markets all over the world.

I tried to make this poetic vision of tone, of the slightly imperfect object, industrial: I like this controlled imperfection more and more, because making something perfect is quite easy nowadays.

This collection is my proposal of a controlled imperfection.”

Piero Lissoni


  • PROJECT: Piero Lissoni

    BRAND: Shoenhuber Franchi


    MATERIAL: fine bone china


    Composition: the "Shabbychic" collection includes plates with 15 different decorations in shades of blue, which can be combined and interchanged with each other. From this creative idea of Piero Lissoni, comes the new proposal for an innovative table, always different through the combination of the decorations.

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