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In purity, in all its brilliant harmony of scents and flavors. Or mixed with fruit and spirits to which it gives its pearly bubbles, releasing an exquisite bouquet, today Prosecco definitely dominates the international oenological landscape. It tells of a generous land, cultivated with loving care and bearing precious fruits. This book, through wonderful images and a very detailed account, offers a complete picture of the region, satisfying the curiosity of those who want to go beyond the labels. And it contains 25 classic and recipes, never published before, by one of Venice’s most renowned barmen, introducing the reader to Spritz, the world’s best known and most glamorous aperitif.

PROSECCO & SPRITZ Discovering this Glamorous Wine and Its Aperitifs

  • Publisher: SIME BOOKS

    Author: Elisa Giraud

    Photographer: Arcangelo Piai

    Illustrator: Monica Parussolo

    Translator: Richard Sadleir

    Language: Bilingual Italian, English

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