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The flavours of Garda lake, Verona and Valpolicella

More than just a recipe book, this is a journey that will take you from the shores of Lake Garda through the gentle hills of Valpolicella to Verona. Every few miles everything changes: landscapes, scents and flavours, as well as the splendid images accompanying the book and the 42 recipes illustrated by local chefs, interpreters of a modern cuisine, but with close ties to the land. Equally characteristic of these places are the 12 wineries chosen, producers of vintages that embody human skills and, once decanted, yield all the richness and unique flavors of this land.


  • Publisher: SIME BOOKS

    Author: Silvia Frau

    Photographer: Sandra Raccanello

    Illustrator: Luisa Bertolo

    Translator: Richard Sadleir

    Language: Bilingual Italian, English - Bilingual Italian, Deutsch

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