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Whether it’s old Hollywood, a new cocktail, or timeless atmosphere that you’re looking for in a bar, Los Angeles offers a variety of unique experiences for both the casual sipper and the serious connoisseur.
Los Angeles Cocktails is more than a cocktail cookbook or a sneak peek behind the bar; it’s a photographic adventure that enables us to explore Los Angeles, imbibe at the city’s best saloons, and taste, via cocktails, the city’s colorful history. Whether the joint has history or conjures its authenticity from scratch, discover locales that won’t be found elsewhere, capturing a certain essence of the city&mdashbe it bitter, sweet, or sour.

LOS ANGELS COCKTAILS - Spirit in the City of Angels

€ 28,00Price
  • Publisher: SIME BOOKS

    Author: Andrea Richards

    Photographer: Giovanni Simeone

    Language: English

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