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Milanese risotto, Valtellina pizzoccheri and pumpkin tortelli as first course; casoeula, Milanese cutlet and stewed frogs per second, and finally a slice of Sbrisolona or Panettone cake. Lombardy amazes for the richness of its culinary traditions and its raw materials, which modernity has only partially erased. The book returns this kaleidoscope of flavors, moving from the plain to the mountains, from the countryside to the lakes, and making use of some of the most celebrated chefs in the local gastronomic scene, who have associated a modern vision in line with the spirit progressive in the region.


  • Publisher: SIME BOOKS

    Author: William Dello Russo

    Photographer: Massimo Ripani

    Translator: Angela Arnone

    Language: Bilingual Italian and English

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