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Midday wind, hot and steeped in the south. The kind that raises the red earth, ignites the line drying clothes and burns tired eyes. From this vision, poor jute fibers are mixed with cement and worked as if they were papier-mâché. Fiery and decomposed bowls tell the story of Sandra Faggiano's Salento.


Each piece made by Sandra Faggiano is unique and handmade. Each collection is produced in limited series. Creative combinations with everyday waste objects, industrial productions and in particular building works. "Experimental" creations using eco-cement mixtures for building, water and hemp threads for plumbers, worked together rediscovering ancient papier-mâché techniques.


  • PROJECT: Sandra Faggiano


    MATERIAL: ecocement, plumbing hemp and water


    Ø 10 cm approximately
    Ø 20 cm approximately
    Ø 30 cm approximately
    Ø 40 cm approximately
    Ø 50 cm approximately

    COLORS: white, black, gold, copper / rust

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