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A design that combines practicality and emotion, focusing function on the diffuser, in favour of less impacting elements. Thanks to its thin stem and the almost invisible base, NUVOLA does not affect the décor of the location and the space around it, offering a simple light source, warm and essential.


The lamp is provided with a contact on/off switch, which allows to change the light intensity as well.


  • BRAND: Broggi

    MATERIAL: durable and noble materials (die-cast aluminum and extruded aluminum), and it is thermosetting epoxy powder coated


    Base Ø 10cm, diffuser Ø 12cm, H 31cm

    Wattage 2,2 watt

    Volt 3,7 (DC, direct current))

    Actual luminous flux 185 lumen

    Charghing time from 5 to 7 hours

    Autonomy 12 hours approximately

    Protection against natural elements: Protection against dust and rain (IP54)

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