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Deeds and loves of knights, dames and enchanters
The Sicilian puppets touch the soul with invisible strings, rousing our hidden worlds with their stories of arms and love. Charlemagne, Orlando, Rinaldo and Angelica, heroes and villains, victors and vanquished, Christians and Saracens, mythological monsters and magical figures. They are the most successful historical-iconographic synthesis ever achieved, with the interweaving of specialized craft skills, and embody an outstanding social and cultural value. The book traces the history and art of the Opera dei Pupi – recognized by UNESCO as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” – depicts the personalities of the characters and offers an unusual glimpse of one of the highest expressions of the Sicilian spirit.


  • Publisher: SIME BOOKS
    Author: Alfredo Mauceri
    Photographer: Alessandro Saffo, Antonino Bartuccio
    Illustrator: Giulia Masia
    Translator: Richard Sadleir
    Language: Bilingual Italian and English

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