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The timeless charm of copper available in a wide range of professional pots, pans and …
casseroles made by the unique Artigiana Navarini company, where production philosophy and cultural commitment come together to enhance and rediscover copper.
These highly professional cooking elements are characterized by strength, thickness and hot tinning.
They are made from solid copper plates, hammered by hand and internally tinned with 100% pure tin. The handles are made of brass using the ancient casting method.


  • BRAND: Navarini Rame


    MATERIAL: copper, tin and grass

    2.5 mm

    COOKING: glass ceramic, gas, oven



    cm 14 H 9 cm
    cm 16 H 10 cm
    cm 18 H 10 cm
    cm 22 H 11 cm
    cm 26 H 12 cm

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