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Balsamic is not just a recipe book, but the story of Gloria Midolini’s love for a condiment that has been a part of the history of Italian cuisine for many centuries. Original combinations enhance the very essence of the balsamic vinegar and are used in simple recipes that anyone can do. The author’s love for balsamic vinegar has been handed down from her family, who fifty years ago began on an adventure that today has been transformed into the biggest vinegar cellar in the world, in the heart of the fascinating lands of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Balsamic grew from the need for the use of this ‘magical’ ingredient to be made a part of everyday dishes and to enjoy sharing this noble and traditional condiment, dating back to Roman times, with anyone who loves cooking.

BALSAMIC A drop of magic in your kitchen

  • Publisher: SIME BOOKS

    Author: Gloria Midolini

    Photographer: Stefano Scatà

    Translator: Deborah Davies

    Language: Bilingual Italian, English - Bilingual Italian, Deutsch

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