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The recovery of the Rococò style brings to the table the splendor of the French courts to enrich the modern mise en place with a touch of irony. The cutlery of the '700 collection is inspired by the 18th century tableware. Swirls, tinsel, decorative elements reminiscent of the shapes of shells and leaves are repeated on the cutlery with stylized motifs.


  • BRAND: KnIndustrie

    MATERIAL: Satin finish stainless steel


    Table place: knife, fork, spoon and coffee spoon

    Fruit / dessert place: knife, fork, spoon and mocha spoon

    Serving set: spoon and fork

    The '700 cutlery can be washed in the dishwasher • avoid alkaline detergents, containing alcohol or perfumes • to prevent the formation of stains, remove and dry the cutlery immediately after the end of the washing cycle • do not mix steel cutlery in the same washing cycle and silver cutlery

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