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Matrioska is the name of the new shaker designed by Lara Caffi, which, as the name suggests, draws its inspiration from the famous Russian doll.
Traditionally, the Matrioska has been considered a container that hides something magic inside and is a symbol of life: each Matrioska is the keeper of memories, stories, relationships. Thus, the Matrioska by KnIndustrie conceals inside a mix of ingredients that are shaken together to create a fresh cocktail to be served in one of the 16 glasses composing the collection.
The new shaker moulds the traditional Matrioska shape into an ergonomically designed, easy to hold accessory, made of stone washed aluminium and also available in an anodised aluminium version, in a choice of colours, Bronze, Gold and Black, perfectly matching with the entire collection dedicated to the KnIndustrie cocktails world.


  • Project: Lara Caffi


    BRAND: Knindustrie


    MATERIAL: Aluminum stone washed & Anodized





    Magic box


    cm 18x9
    cl 35

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