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A set of small kitchen containers consisting of a glass from the Intaglio Line and 3 glasses from the Quaderni Line, already present in the KnIndustrie catalog, but designed in this case with a new function: that is, as small kitchen containers. To transform them into containers, KnIndustrie has created a lid in polished steel, in contrast with the particular glass processing of each glass. An ordinary object becomes extraordinary again, in terms of style, function and mix of different materials combined with each other. For a table proposal of great charm, never predictable


The collection MATERIALS by KnIndustrie consists of a series of serving elements, made with different materials, such as wood, stoneware and steel, and with multiple finishes. The accessories have been designed for a mise en place proposal that aims at elegance also for a "home made" service, to mark the various moments of the day and food sharing with style and originality.


From breakfast to snack, from an informal dinner or lunch to an aperitif, with the MATERIALS accessories it is possible to create a new vision of the table that goes beyond the classic concept of equipment, for innovation and materiality.

With MATERIALS by KnIndustrie the ordinary becomes extra-ordinary, every day.




Kn Jars - Set of small kitchen containers

  • BRAND: Schönhuber Franchi

    PROJECT: Lara Caffi - Elisa Ossino

    MATERIAL: glass, steel and cedar


    Quadri container CL 28 CM Ø 7.5 x H 8.9

    Rows Container CL 28 CM Ø 7.5 x H 8.9

    Rombi container CL 28 CM Ø 7.5 x H 8.9

    Container In / cuts CL 28 CM Ø 8.5 x H 9.1

    Cedar tablet CM 35x14.5 H 0.9

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