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Classic and contemporary shape, that maintains all the characteristics of a sommelier glass.
Thanks to the innovative introduction of magnesium into the glass composition, this goblet collection can boast astonishing qualities. Aesthetically, they are brighter and more sparkling. On a practical level, magnesium gives them more flexibility and strength, making them more resistant to scratches and chipping and able to tolerate detergents and the thermal shock of dishwasher washing without consequences.


  • BRAND: Schoenhuber Franchi


    MATERIAL: lead-free magnesium crystal


    Fine profile. The laser cut gives great elegance and refines perceptions on tasting.
    Transparency. The great transparency allows the wine to release all its most authentic visual characteristics.
    Large basin. The large basin allows the wine to release all its typical aromas and flavours.
    Seamless barrel. Greater resistance
    Flat base. Guarantees stability and resistance to breakage

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